Monday, August 3, 2009

Sake Tastings: The Joy of Sake's Aftertaste in L.A. Wednesday August 5th at Katana

The Joy of Sake Aftertaste in L.A.

A different kind of sake tasting this Wednesday at the Sunset Strip's Katana from the Joy of Sake: first a presentation on how brewers coax a variety of aromas (and tastes) from their premium sakes. 37 sakes will be presented with appetizers served as well. Like wine or beer, sake has distinct and complex aromas --descriptors are often the same as wine with peach, anise, blackberry but also different--not too many wines conjure up banana or lychee. 14 of the sakes are not available in the U.S.--I would start with these simply because you will not have the opportunity to try them again unless you visit Japan.
As with all food and wine tasting events, if you actually want to remember what you've tasted it's a good idea to have a plan. I suggest trying the three sakes from each sake grade available Daiginjo, Ginjo and Junmai. This way you will have a nice overview of the event. Then continue with the grade or flavor profile you've discovered that suits your taste. Of course you could make the most of the $37 tasting fee and try all 37--let me know how that goes if you do! Just remember that sake has a relatively high alcohol content (15-16%).