Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1 2011: Celebrate National Sake Day

Celebrate Sake day: try a Nigori or less filtered sake

In honor of National Sake Day, a reminder to try a new kind of sake. Above is Tozai Snow Maiden, which I tasted at the LA's Nisei Week sake tasting, a lively event. (I won a bag of premium Moatsuri rice!) Snow Maiden is sold in slender pink bottles, and is quite vibrant and not too sweet --unusual for a nigori.

Also check it out: a new kura in the U.S.. Today, the Texas Sake Company opened in Austin, Texas. (Thanks to for the tip).  While Texas might seem an unusual location, it is a great rice growing state and the rice used is organic and Texas grown.  Looks like they are releasing a nigori (Rising Star) and Whooping Crane, their Tokubetsu junmai sake. Would love to hear how they taste.  Good luck Texas Sake Company, Kampai!

And here's a link to my post on the Top 5 thing to know about sake for National Sake Day for LA Weekly's Squid Ink.