Thursday, December 22, 2011

Japanese sake: a timeless beverage adapts

I'm very pleased with the way my story on Japanese sake for Montage Magazine (p. 44) turned out. Thanks to interviews with Philip Harper of the Kinoshita Brewery when he was in L.A. earlier this year, as well as help from Beau Timken at True Sake, there's a lot of basics covered as well as mentions of the USA's sake-only stores. Kampai!

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  1. Hi, The Sake Lady,
    I happened to come to your blog. I live in Nara, Japan. According to one theory, Nara is a cradle of Sake, however many cities are claiming they are home to Sake. I am interested in Sake, but I feel sorry that I can take Sake not so much as Sake is too strong for me. The photo seems to be taken in Izakaya which is my favorite. The shot is wonderful!! Kampai Culture written by you is great and I enjoyed it very much. To take appropriate portion of Sake everyday helps keep us healthy. From Sake, many lotions, creams and skin-care products are being produced.
    Thanks for sharing!!