Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Meet the brewer: Miho Imada of Fukucho Sake Brewery

I was able to further my sake education while tasting many brands at Mutual Trading Company's annual Japanese food and restaurant show held in its downtown parking lot. While not the most glamourous tasting room, the main benefit was meeting many visiting brewers (toji) and brewery owners from Japan. Above is Miho Imada of Fukucho Sake Brewery located in the Hiroshima prefecture. One of only 20 woman brewers in Japan, she began her career in the brewery more than 15 years ago and became a master brewer five years ago. She's holding Fukocho's Junmai Ginjo Biho, made from yamadanishiki rice. The sake is very delicate with a very nice flowery finish---Fukocho's sakes are pasteurized in the bottle helping maintain aroma and flavor. She begins brewing Oct. 17.

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