Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sake Education from Wine Library TV

Gary Vaynerchuk at Wine Library TV has boundless energy and and real enthusiasm and passion for wine. In these two episode from June 2009, he puts the spotlight on sake as he interviews Sake Social/True Sake's Beau Timken (above) on the basics of sake drinking and production. There is a wealth of information in these segments: Sake education part 1 and Sake education part 2.
Vaynerchuk mentions he's a fan of sake and one of his favorite places to imbibe is Blue Ribbon in Manhattan where he often tries three or four sakes during a meal. (Lucky guy: I've wanted to check that place out on Columbus Circle). Among the fun facts: sake is "built like beer but drinks like wine," from Timken--a very succinct description. Together they taste some sake including a Joto Chikurin Fukamari Junmai; Timken advises the vernacular of wine is appropriate when discussing sake's flavors and aromas.
Wine glasses vs. ceramic cups: definitely drink premium sake with glass or crystal--only use the ceramic cups when sake is warm as smaller ceramic cups (ochoko) don't reveal its aromas or capture its essence. One very useful tip: drink sake within 15 to 18 months of its brew date (found on the label--but that's another post). If it's past 18 months or so, heat it and drink it warm. Thanks guys. Good stuff.

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